You Open Your Eyes

You open your eyes.

The environment is shockingly barren. It seems as if you are viewing the aftermath of a nuclear explosion: burnt remnants of trees stand defeated, scattered about the wasteland. You look down at your legs and examine your hands — same body. Are you dreaming? Things don’t feel quite right…

Dad grabs you by the arm and pulls you into his house, from the doorway. He quickly closes it behind you.

Finally! You’re here. It’s not safe out there.

Things are very different now.

Global resources are low. Water is running out, and the seasons are changing…Cancer has taken the lives of most of the human race and it’s every man for himself now. All we have are our weapons to protect us…

You’ve been gone so long you missed a whole World War. But it wasn’t like any wars before it — each man fought for himself, defending himself from anyone who wanted to take what little he had left. So naturally, those with more to protect banded together and planned to move on from what was left of this planet — including the natives.

First they took to the clouds. Since the sun’s rays are stronger, the surface is uninhabitable, and floating cities were constructed between air-tunnels of citizens traveling by hovercraft. The sky society was composed of former CEO’s and bankers — those who had money before things went south — and even their AI servants stayed with them. But soon after the War, they began prospecting new and habitable planets to abandon our Earth for.

Luckily there still remains the Earth-bound community. You and I belong to the larger of the two classes, which is characterized by our strong immune systems and complex underground network of tunnels. These things keep us from perishing, along with the rest of the environment. Still, we gave shelter to as many as we could, becoming home to underdogs like the mentally ill, the elderly, disabled, and former prisoners.”

The story is interrupted by a violent vibration deep within the ground.

You open your eyes and the sun is shining through your window.

Turns out it was all a dream.


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