Summer Soundtrack: Child’s Eyes by Midnight Snack

Check these guys out! I have yet to see them live but it is actually a life goal of mine. I first heard them playing at Park Street MBTA Station sometime last year and they blew my mind; I sat and watched them play for like half an hour. They had a fake jukebox set up, and were pretending to be mute. The two guys Zack (guitar) and Jack (vocals) and sat one in front of a mic and one on top of a cajon (box drum). They had MBTA passengers request songs from the jukebox and they would light up and sing, and after they would go back to being mute. It was genius! Now, they are touring the country and playing in a band. I believe some band members attended Berklee College of Music.

At any rate, their latest album is below. Clicking it links to Amazon. I promise you won’t regret the purchase, I haven’t!


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