Babies Are Magic

I’m on the Plymouth & Brockton bus riding from Hyannis, MA where I visited my Dad, to Boston, MA where I have my first statistics class at 1:30. 

But most of that is irrelevant. When we stopped at Barnstable, a young (in his 30s) father got on the bus with his two daughters, I’m guessing ages 2 and 5. 

The little girl started crying shortly after. And I mean like hysterically crying. I could tell everyone on the bus was getting upset about it. And her dad was panicking doing everything he could to get her to calm down. I got the feeling she just wanted her mom. 

Whenever I got the chance, I would try to grab her attention. I felt like she needed some feminine energy. So when she took a break from squirming and crying and looked in my direction, I made and maintained eye contact. She was hesitant at first but began to like it. And she stopped crying just like that! She didn’t smile too much but I think she was glad a woman was paying attention to her. 

After that she relaxed and laid on her dad’s chest. He’s in the seat in front of me and has been holding her the whole time. She began looking out the window. That’s what I do on the bus. And she quickly fell asleep and has been sleeping since. 

When her Mom got on the bus a couple stops later, she expressed her astonishment to her husband that their baby girl was taking to the bus ride so well. 


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