Who am I?


The ancient Greeks said, “Know Thyself“. So here, I’ll start: I’m Meghan, an American student. I’ve got 21 years under my belt and, frankly, I waited way too long to start this blog. Though my mother would call me lazy and naive, I’m an avid reader and writer, a lover (not a fighter), an aspiring traveler and a practicing philosopher. I’m really into that raw, imperfect human stuff. All I ask is that you keep your mind open as you witness mine.

My interests and hobbies include eating, people-watching, practicing compassion, mental and physical health and wellness (a work in progress), religion and spirituality, philosophy, psychology and consciousness, nature, people, places and things, and experiencing the human condition.

On this blog, you can expect to find short-stories, essays/articles, travel updates and stream-of-consciousness ramblings. 

I also consider this blog to be a working memoir. The adventure that is my life begins with my first post. Or, if you’re more interested in my most recent utterances, check out my latest posts.


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